In starting a Blog Post, you always wonder what you should be writing and if your
audience will appreciate it, like it ,respond to it, you get the idea!  I’m putting myself out their in hopes that you get to know me and that you do want to see what this person Joyce Ann Marchand has to say.

So here goes, just like anyone else I feel like I have so many layers to who I am as a person and I just wanted to share those layers with you. I am a a artist, but I’m also a mother ,wife, grandma, Jesus lover, adventurer, traveler, photographer, love my country and our flag, friend, sister, golfer, survivor, lover of life. With all that I would like to share some of these topics with you.

If I am not doing an art show, craft show, vintage market or home making it, I am usually going to an art show I’m not in, and admiring other artist work. With that, I would love to interview other artist and do videos of them and their work, their favorite pieces and how they either do their art, how they got started in their art, etc…

The other thing I would like to talk about is my relationship with God and things I have learned along the way that has helped me in life. 18 years ago when I got remarried to  my husband Rick, He  and I decided to try to find a church that would fit us both, I was brought up in the United Church of Christ and he was brought up Catholic, so we visited many churches. After we were married and finally came upon Gateway Christian Church in St. Louis, Mo.

From there we both were baptized and began our journey of doing Bible studies and becoming more involved with being apart of the Christian fellowship and lifestyle. Rick helped build the new church and we thoroughly enjoyed Paul Newland’s preaching and the messages he had. We moved from St. Louis to where we currently live now, so for a while we became a part of a church here in Washington. From there, we were turned onto the church that we currently go to, St. Louis Family Church. Friends that know me have commented that they saw a change in me, with going to this church and I know that it is very true. It is a spirit filled church.  Which for me has totally changed so many aspects of my life. So even though I’m not a preacher or anything of that sort I have done many studies in the Wednesday morning women’s group, and also in the evenings, so I feel if others have seen a change in who I am as a person and I feel like I have been greatly blessed by that, I want to share that with you.

I also said I am a photographer and before I started doing the copper jewelry and sculpture. I went back to school in 2005 and studied photography and design. I had my own studio and business and I developed a line of inspirational and scripture pictures that I would like to share with you, and can also be bought.

I love to take hikes,travel, and so from time to time I will share some of the things along that journey that I have found inspiring. In closing I do hope that you live your life the way I have my tagline on my business cards. Which is

                      BE UNIQUE,

                          BE DIFFERENT,

                               BE ONE OF A KIND.

                                    LIVE INSPIRED!